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This 20150903_111212blogger loves travelling. Loved it before all those Pinterest posts, loved it before she knew a word like wanderlust existed, loved it before she understood its financial implications, and despite those, still loves it.

Foodie, experience collector, diary maintainer, practical and spontaneity define the blogger better than confused, impatient and finishing unfinished books while on a student budget.

Currently based in Bombay (still doesn’t like the idea of calling it Mumbai), trying to explore it one railway line at a time!

No Road Sign, born due to the motivation of those who know the author, will mostly feature places in India, some which most wouldn’t have even heard of despite living a few hours away from them. It intends to assemble travelogues for young travel enthusiasts while enabling travel for those on lower budgets.


Hoping you enjoy reading the blog as much as I love writing it!


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