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Love is in the Air!

Anyone who knows me, knows my love for balloons. Yes, I am 21 and I love balloons – helium balloons and air balloons, printed balloons and promotional balloons, glitter balloons and shaped balloons, I love ‘em all.

Valid to say that balloons are directly relational to my happiness quotient. So much so, that I intended to get a tattoo of a balloon done (with a corny ‘let go’).

Okay, this post is not just about my philosophical outlook on balloons; it is about my experience in viewing my own city in a totally different and breathtaking way – possible only on a ride as ‘cool’ as the ‘hot’ air balloon!

                              Getting it ready!

So I hopped onto one earlier this year at none other than the PINK CITY of Jaipur. The arrangements were done by the SkyWaltz team (their next flying seems to take place in the evergreen Pushkar Mela in Rajasthan, a MUST VISIT).

                         Helloo, height

We started off from the lakeside of Maota, near Amer fort and went over till the huge expanse of fields on the other end of Amer. There was a total of 3 balloons in flight with capacities of either 6 or 8. The balloon I was riding, was the first one to take off (yaaaaayyyy!!!) and all 8 of us in the flight, went gaga when we saw the imposing Amer fort up-close from a height. Flying over the lake, houses and many small temples within colonies whilst waving to the overwhelmed villagers below was just an experience I can never forget!

   Me & My Selfie Stick!

The SkyWaltz team was awesome enough to give us all a certificate of ‘First Flyer’ on landing!

Despite the big bucks involved, I recommend everyone to at least once hop onto a hot air balloon to get that extra punch for your travelogue.

Tips –

  1. Check for the right weather conditions, NO Rains
  2. For Indian locations, sites like Book My Show are extremely helpful (That is how I got to know about the SkyWaltz’ Jaipur flight)
  3. Join the newsletters of SkyWaltz, Wanderlust India ( forcheaper fares), Tiger Balloon Safari and the likes
  4. Check the flight providers’ technical qualifications and emergency staff at the site
  5. Confirm the landing location and make sure it is huge enough for the balloon to land in
  6. Carry your own camera (and a selfie stick). The organizers charge a bomb for the one’s clicked by them.

 DSC00688Hope this has encouraged you to ride the next hot air balloon that comes sailing near you!


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