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Permission Granted!

I am fully aware of all the challenges travelling for a girl in India can bring. And believe it or not, parents present only 30 per cent of it!

Let me take the pleasure in telling you that once you return home safe and sound from your travels, not only will your parents look at you in a different light, they will also allow you to do so many more things.
Some tips to keep your parents happy –
  1. Present your story in a happy, fun way (even if it was a tad bit illegal).
  2. Tell them about how ‘amazing’ the people in the place you visited were, and how they told you which stop to get down from
  3. Your love for the food that you ate there (and also how you also missed mumma ka parantha)
  4. It helps not to tell them about how the guy staring at you in the bus creeped you out
  5. How you took the BEST friends along!
  6. About the crowds. Believe it or not, your parents will love the crowds!

Hope this helps you in going ‘there’ !

Let me know if you enjoy shorter posts like these.. I will try to pen down more!

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