‘Round the corner

All this hoo-haa about exploration has lead me to realize one thing – it doesn’t necessarily entail going to new cities or countries!

This Christmas, I attended a Midnight mass, visited Churches and ate the Christmas Feast too! Only to find that the best part of my day was when I returned back home and walked past the crossroad just below my building.

Look what I saw

At Wodehouse, Colaba

Isn’t it just beautiful and HAPPY?

(Sorry for the bad phone camera photo)

This was literally the most uplifting part of my day. Not only did it bring a huge smile to my face, it completed *Christmas*.

Don’t you ever feel that the fear of missing out drives you to far flung places? I certainly felt that visiting the Churches of Bombay was all awesome, but THIS made my day!

Do write in at noroadsign@gmail.com or Comment below and tell me the times you wished you had skipped a certain famous place only to spend more time at another?

And to end, A Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to all!!

May the new year make me a more regular blogger a you, regular readers 🙂 🙂