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Dark Knight!

Well, everyone has heard of the Amer Fort in Jaipur. Everyone has seen its beautiful panoramic pictures. While I will one day blog about the magnificent Forts of Rajasthan, for now – here are pictures of the beautiful Amer Fort by NIGHT! So proud to be part of a city where such ‘beautiful’ changes have happened… Continue reading Dark Knight!

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Amidst the Golden (& Rare) Silence!

Writing this post about Matheran, which was my first trip of 2015, because I miss the calm and peace it gave me (even though I love Bombay, sometimes you do need a break) and also well, because I started this blog only three months back.. Matheran is this small, beautiful, pristine hill station in Raigad… Continue reading Amidst the Golden (& Rare) Silence!


‘Round the corner

All this hoo-haa about exploration has lead me to realize one thing – it doesn’t necessarily entail going to new cities or countries! This Christmas, I attended a Midnight mass, visited Churches and ate the Christmas Feast too! Only to find that the best part of my day was when I returned back home and walked… Continue reading ‘Round the corner

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To be or not to be? (Silent)

Above is the screenshot of this conversation with this amazing blogger about solo travels for females in India. I am posting this cuz it makes me very sad, but reminds me of the faults we as a society present to female travelers. Show / re-post / send this to others, so they too can see why we are failing… Continue reading To be or not to be? (Silent)

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Permission Granted!

I am fully aware of all the challenges travelling for a girl in India can bring. And believe it or not, parents present only 30 per cent of it! Let me take the pleasure in telling you that once you return home safe and sound from your travels, not only will your parents look at… Continue reading Permission Granted!

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Perfectly Ordinary

Yes! Me and my friend – two girls! Decided to take a short trip from Bombay. I know you are thinking Lonavala, or Pune, or even better Goa!! Let’s face it now. You haven’t paid attention to my bio. I like to travel more or less on the ‘road not taken’. So, my first girls… Continue reading Perfectly Ordinary


Mumbai Local Madnesss!

Just a few weeks back, I was travelling in the Mumbai Local.. This smarty hopped on at one station had a nice ride and got off at the next! Trust me, he knew which side the platform was gonna come! Share your experiences in the trains with me at noroadsign@gmail.com.